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On October 28th Quinn DelHoyo made a thread on the Epic Games Forum discussing the Hammerburst which have led to recent changes in the rifle thanks to the members of the Epic Games Forum for suggesting the ideas to add more focus to the rifle. The chances they’ve made are:


“1. Long range damage increased. The Hammerburst used to lose damage past a certain distance, but no longer does. This should help it excel at its intended role as a long range weapon.

2. Added two extra magazines. There are complaints about wanting to be the backfield support player but struggle to do so when players consistently run out of ammo. We feel that this will help you fulfill that role.

3. Increased the accuracy while moving. Basically your accuracy will only be affected by firing the weapon and not by moving, and you will notice the reticle no longer changes while moving.”


Quinn DelHoyo has stated these changes are live and you can give feedback on the Hammerburst balance thread to give your opinion if you like the changes or if you still think it needs an extra boost to keep up with the other assault rifles in Gears of War 3.


“We know that there has been much feedback on the shallow magazine size. We feel that right now that isn’t the answer for a few reasons. First, the Hammerburst is tiring to use by requiring the player to constantly fan the trigger and adding more ammo would just contribute to that. The active reload mini-game is a fun respite that comes at just the right time. Second, we want the rifle to still retain some of its skill gap. Adding more rounds per magazine would undermine the choosing between a quick reload or high damage decision making as well as not reward a player for being a “good shot”. Third, we don’t like the idea of messing up the ammo counter on the player’s HUD. Trying to keep the HUD clear and accurate.

The other bit of feedback from you all was about adding a headshot multiplier. Right now we are choosing not to go this route. The weapon balance in this game is feeling really good and we are holding off on drastic changes when there were still some knobs that were yet to be turned.

So hop on, try it out, and let us know what you think.”


Source: Epic Games Forum
CI2IMS0N On November - 7 - 2011

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