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Microsoft and Epic Games have released a new developer diary behind the scenes style trailer for the upcoming Gears of War 3. In the video, developers Rod Fergusson, Lee Perry and Cliff Bleszinski discuss the game’s multiplayer component, citing some of the differences and additions from the previous 2 games as well as their some of their beta test plans (which include dedicated servers).

Powered by dedicated servers, “Gears of War 3” offers the series’ most explosive and feature-packed versus multiplayer experience yet, and raises the bar with new game types, weapons, visceral executions, playable characters, squad communication tools, a deep player rewards system, and more. New players will enjoy the finely balanced gameplay and streamlined game types, which make “Gears of War 3” deeper and more accessible than ever before, allowing anyone to instantly jump into the action.

The “Gears of War 3” multiplayer beta opens on April 25 (11:00PM AEST) and runs through May 15 for everyone who preorders the game from EB Games. “Bulletstorm: Epic Edition” owners will get early access starting April 18 through the “Bulletstorm” disc. For full details on the “Gears of War 3” public multiplayer beta, including the new maps and game modes, please refer to the official Epic Games FAQ

You can check out the new developer diary below or learn about the pre-ordering details over at the Official Website to find out how to participate in the upcoming beta.


Update: Below is a time log which documents all the footage.

0:16: New Map #1: Awesome looking interior of a factory or something. Dizzy in Multiplayer, Plancer charging a Locust with an Omen-skinned Plancer.
0:26: Mercy. Cole executing a Locust with a Plancer.
0:39: New Map #2. It looks a lot like a moonlit version of Gridlock, but that’s TBC. Horde is shown for the first time, Locust have Plancers. Bloodmounts and Butchers are back.
0:40: New Map #2. Berserkers in Horde
0:41: New Map #2. Horde again. Maulers are back. The map looks absolutely godlike.
0:49: Old Town. Boomshield execution returns.
0:50: Checkout. Longshot execution returns.
0:51: Checkout. Sawn-Off execution. Unknown COG that we saw and were confused by in an earlier video. He’s still a mystery.
1:09: Checkout. Flaming Gnasher. (Might be orange camo instead of flames. Hard to tell.)
1:11: New Map #3: Outdoor, daytime map set in what looks like a shipyard.
1:11/1:12 (Very short!): New Map #2 again.
1:13: Thrashball. Totally non-staged epic scene #1.
<Nothing new in this part>
2:41: Old Town. Pink/Purple Omen Lancer. Looks better than every other weapon.
2:44: Old Town. Flaimg HB. HB execution. Pink Lancer. New Baird skin. New Dom skin that some people think may be his commando outfit.
3:15: Checkout. Golden Gnasher.
3:17: New map #1. Golden Lancer. The meatshield looks like it could possibly be RAAM.
3:19: New map #1. Dizzy in Multiplayer (!!!). Omen Plancer again.
3:24: New map #1. Dizzy Plancer charging Myrrah. This may mean that she is playable outside of CTL, as I’m not sure if you can Plancer charge the leader.
3:27: Thrashball. Totally non-staged epic scene #2.

CI2IMSON On April - 11 - 2011

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