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Mike Capps, Epic Games, Inc President was chatting to IncGamers during GamesCom. Capps was asked If they addressed the balancing issues with weapons in Gears of War 3? Capps replied “In all honesty it was difficult for us to alter the balance away from that style because the most vocal players in our community really wanted to play in that way. They were very upset when we hinted we might be moving away from that. In Gears 3 the experienced players came in the beta and started playing just as they had in Gears 2 but, they weren’t that successful.” Epic Games President went on to say “It’s a very different game now… the Retro Lancer, for example, is a very different weapon from what we’ve had before and it demands a different style of play. The Hammerburst has also been changed a lot. I think it’s a much better balanced game now”. He went on to mention that if the weapon balance is not right then the game has been designed so that they can alter this post release.

Another interesting question that IncGamers put to Capps was if they made any changes to the multiplayer following your experience with the beta?

Absolutely, yeah. The biggest changes we’re map layout issues; where the weapons were placed and stuff like that. We also changed some weapon damage values. In general though we were surprised because things came out much better than we thought they would. At first we were really worried that the balance was going to be way off.

In the beginning there were an enormous number of complaints about the Sawed-Off Shotgun and how powerful it was. However, when we went in and looked at the numbers it really wasn’t responsible for many kills overall. I think it was more a case of people getting pissed off because they’d been shot once in the back and died, rather than twice from the front – as with the normal shotgun.

It was more of a strong emotional response to getting killed with the Sawed-Off than an actual balance problem. We could have changed the gun’s spread and damage value but we didn’t feel we needed to. So, yes, we made changes but less than we expected.

We’ve covered the main points from the interview if you are interested, some of the other questions from the interview are listed below.

  • Epic have been fairly vocal about wanting more hardware power to play with recently. Is Gears of War 3 the most you can get out of the Xbox 360?
  • Are we going to get some proper storyline closure this time around?
  • There’s up to four player campaign co-op this time around, how do you balance the game based on the number of human players?
  • Would you say that Gears 3 is more about refinement? Whereas Gears 2 was very much concerned with the expansion of concepts explored in the first game?
  • Have you got a team ready in the wings to watch over the game in the next few years to assess which changes need to made to balancing and updates etc?

If your looking to know more answers to these questions why not check out the full interview with questions and answers at IncGamers.

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