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The information below is taken from the Official Xbox Magazine.

* Unreal Engine Update :
“Enhancements to the Unreal Engine for Gears of War 3 include more realistic lighting, smoother animations, and better A.I. pathfinding.*

* Wingman : “Gears 3′s Wingman mode will have four pairs of players, not five, because the fifth spawn point in the middle of each map has proven too deadly to be fair.”

* “Behind-the-Scenes Online Code” :
“Voice communication will now be peer-to-peer instead of routed through the game host’s Xbox 360, further reducing bandwidth strain and noticeably increasing game performance.”

* If the host quits :
“And if a game’s host quits or disconnects, the current round will simply restart instead of the entire match being kiboshed by the hiccup.”

Various details in this comment :

“After picking our character and weapon loadout via Gears 3′s super-slick new user interface, we’re soon battling it out among the collapsing shelves and warbling Muzak (the first game’s main-menu theme, devolved) of the Super Snack Champion store. It’s the five-on-five Gears you know and love, with upgraded visuals, some new weapons, and a host of enhancements and tweaks that add a variety and clarity to the experience.”


Characters featured in screenshots:

1.) Jace
2.) Baird
3.) Cole (In Thrashball uniform)
4.) Clay (Also shows him doing the Retro-Lancer execution)
5.) Myrrah (In battle armor)
6.) Dom
7.) Prescott (In COG armor)
8.) Bernie Mataki
9.) Anya
10.) Marcus
11.) Various Locusts


Modes Explained:

Team deathmatch
Capture the leader
The new KoTH


New abilities:

1.) Bag and Tag
2.) Mantle Kick
3.) Spotting
4.) Self Revive


New Gears Player Perk Info: The first 10 kill buff. Goes down after each kill.

Dedicated Servers Information

Tac-Com: “Toggle it on to see weapon spawn points and ally locations.”

Bayonet Execution and Charges: “Complete with character specific battle cry.”


Map details/screenshots:

1.) Checkout – “Set inside a grocery store, the Checkout map is destined to become a Gears classic.”
(Also has a screenshot)

2.) Overpass – “The new Overpass map slides into a giant sinkhole as the battle rages on. Best to take early control of the turret on the bridge.” (Also has a screenshot)

3.) Trenches (Only a screenshot)


New Execution Examples:

1.) Scorcher – “Thrust the flamethrower into your enemy’s midsection, pull the trigger, and watch fire spew from every orifice.”

2.) Gorgon SMG – “Stomp on your opponent’s arm to make sure he holds still, then pistol-whip him in the back of the skull witht he new fully automatic Gorgon.”

3.) Mortar – “Ram the Mortar barrel into your foe’s face and taer his head off.”

4.) One-Shot – “….flip your foes on his back and pulp his face with the giant rifle’s butt.”

5.) Lancer - “….bury the barrel-mounted chainsaw in your opponent’s guts, then rev it up.”

6.) Digger – “….kick your enemy’s head clean off.”

7.) Retro-Lancer -”The Retro-Lancer’s execution attack is a satisfyingly brutal stab-and-swipe combo.”


Customizable Details, Challenges, Tags/Medals and Unlockables:

1.) Skins – “You’ll be able to select a custom look for each gun.” “Want to run riot as Cole in his Thrashball uniform, stangling fools with a zebra-skinned double-barreled shotgun?”

2.) Skill Kill Challenges – “Skill-kills like headshots and executions will not only be worth extra experience points, but will also tie into challenges on their own.”

3.) Medals/Tags – ‘Some of these reward objectives translate into a designation you can add toy our name in the game lobby. Hypothetically, 100 headshots might give you a Marksman medal, or perhaps 100 chainsaw kills earns you the Lumberjack tag.”

4.) Unlockables – “….an in-game achievement and experience-points system that feeds into character customization and unlockables, rather than just giving players a level number to brag about.”


“Big babies” : An unlockable mutator in Gears of War 3 will give players giant-sized heads, hands, and feet, as well as high-pitched voices. It’s been nicknamed Toddler Mode.”


“More To Come” :

It’s a staggering amount of information to digest during our full day at Epic’s headquarters, and we haven’t even touched on things like the addition of a built-in calendar of online events (don’t miss “Ticker Tuesdays!”), or some of the more subtle but welcome tweaks that have adjusted the fow of the game.

This isn’t the end of Gears of War, to be sure; Blezinski, Fergusson, and the rest of the Epic crew have lots of ideas on deck for the franchise’s future. But it is the end of this trilogy, and it seems clear from our time with the competitive multiplayer modes that Epic is sweating every last detail to make this the biggest, meatiest, and most satisfying Gears experience of all. Call it sweet, sweet surrender.”

CI2IMSON On November - 8 - 2010

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