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As we know there is a lot of information our there on the interwebs and it is hard keeping up to date with the latest and most accurate information. At Gearsblog we’ve created “Tweets of The Week”, this topic will track all the latest Tweets from people at Epic Games/Gears of War Team in the run up to Gears 3 release on September 20th. Already this week we’ve seen Chrome Weapon Skins, Liquid Metal Weapons & Gears 3 Multiplayer Maps, consider this our “News” topic if you will it will be updated as we receive more information and link you to articles on GearsBlog or elsewhere.

29th August

“@22eduardo9: we saw GoW “Mad World” and GoW 2 “Last Day” trailers. When will we see something emotional?” Soon…

See September 1st, Gears of War 3 – New Trailer for Gears of War 3 – Dust To Dust

30th August

Hi Rod do you know if Minh will be playable in MP? Are previous Carmine brothers playable ?
– S19 Project

no to Minh and yes to Carmine brothers
- GearsViking

1st September

The #Gears3 Walls of Brotherhood are ready for detonation. Join w/ a friend & blast the next chapter of #Gears history.
- Gears Of War 3

Watch the final Gears of War 3 trailer tonight on Machinima at 9:00PM PDT @GearsViking @therealcliffyb @iFlak @raczilla @xCherLeighx
- GearsOfDeWar

Gears of War 3 – New Trailer for Gears of War 3 – Dust To Dust

Check this video out — Introduction to Stranded – A Gears of War Live Action Film

- Gears of War 3

2nd September

Is everyone going to join me on Twitch.TV at 5:30 PM EST to learn how to earn the Chrome weapon skins? May let a few others out as well.
- GearsViking (Rod Fergusson)

@GearsViking do you guys have a way to stop people getting out of the map in gears 3?
- Underagemaddog

@underagemaddog yes, no one gets outside of a map without dying.
- GearsViking

@GearsViking Hey Rod, maybe you can answer this. Are Pad Salton and/or Alex Brand going to be in Gears 3?
- JacobM88

@JacobM88 sorry, not as of right now.
- GearsViking

CI2IMSON On September - 1 - 2011

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