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There is a lot of information our there on the internet and it is hard keeping up to date with the latest and most accurate information. At Gearsblog we’ve created “Tweets of The Week”, this topic will track all the latest Tweets from people at Epic Games/Gears of War Team in the run up to Gears 3 release on September 20th. This week has confirmed that there will be No Midnight Madness Bonus, Epic/Limited Edition Games, Onyx weapon Skins and more. Consider this our “News” topic if you will it will be updated as we receive more information.

Midnight Madness Bonus

Rod Confirms that for Gears of War 3, there will be No Midnight Madness Bonus

@GearsViking Can we get a final word (yes or no) on a Midnight Madness bonus?

@ZackH26 no

@GearsViking no.. there won’t be a bonus?

@ZackH26 correct

@LegendaryMarvel @raczilla @iFlak @EpicCog correct, no MM exclusive.

Epic Edition/Limited Edition

Rod Fergusson has confirmed that the Limited Edition/ Epic Edition of Gears of War 3 are “truly limited” so order it whilst you can!

@GearsVikiing Amazon has run out of limited editions of gears 3 and I wanted to know if you will be shipping them more copies soon

@SkullKruncher55 unlikely, like the Epic Edition, they’re truly limited

Onyx Weapon Skin Unlock

Rod Fergusson confirms to unlock the Onyx Weapon skin, you must play multiplayer only.(excluding campaign, horde and beast mode)

@GearsViking Rod, quick question. Do the kills put toward to Onyx skins apply on in multiplayer or all game types?

@BlackZabest I’ve asked to be sure and they say MP only.

Armoured Kantus in Multiplayer

Rod Fergusson confirms Armoured Kantus will only be playable in Beast mode.

@GearsViking Will armored Kantus be a multiplayer character?

@JayCodyLegit only in Beast

Microsoft Green Weapon Skins

More information on the Microsoft Green skins below

@raczilla @xCherLeighx @iFlak @GearsViking please give me some glimmer of hope that the M$ green skins are NOT tied to a midnight release

@Popogeejoe @raczilla  @xCherLeighx @iFlak they are not

@GearsViking the liquid green skins aren’t unlock able in game?

@j_clem no they’re part of a special promotion that hasn’t been announced yet
- GearsViking

@GearsViking similar to the liquid metal skins? As in will they cost $$?

@j_clem no, it’s part of a marketing promotion

@GearsViking could we see this announcements made on the Friday stream??

@j_clem no, it will have a bigger announce than that

@GearsViking you said it was a promotion we haven’t heard of yet. So does that mean it can’t be the Walls of Brotherhood thing? (31 Aug)
- j_clem

@j_clem correct

News on DLC in November

Bernie and Onyx Guard are a few of the characters available in DLC 1 coming in November.

Locked Skins/Season Pass Skins Information

@GearsViking So will all these skins come with the Season Pass, or will it be purchased seperate?

@MLGTrad3Mark separate but will have bulk discounts. DLC will have other skins

@GearsViking so now we know why you didn’t want gold codes on ebay U wanted a piece of that market too huh? Making us all pay for std skins

@AntiRetaliation no, no such thing as standard skins. We give a bunch for unlocks and the rest are optional

@GearsViking Okay, I give in, can we at least buy all these locked skins on Day 1 or do we have to wait? I think it’s silly we have to …

@beshorom you’ll be able to get them all on day 1 at a bulk discounted price




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