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Rod Fergusson announced that we’ll be seeing a new enemy on August 15th, with only 5 days until the Gears team & Epic Games announce their new character. We thought we would create the post to see what the creature or character could be. Some early rumors are that its Shriekers, Gunkers or Lambent RAAM – although Rod confirmed that RAAM will not be in the game. Could it be a new General for the Locusts? Is it a new Boss? Multiplayer Character? Whats your ideas and opinions get them in before the big reveal!

When the new character is revealed we will update this post to include as much information and images as we can find. Check back soon!

Update 15/08/11: The New Locust has been revealed as the “Gunker” some information about this locust:

The new enemy reveal (if you didn’t catch glimpses of it from our E3 Horde Coverage) is the Gunker – a Lambent Boomer that is going to make you die inside every time you see one on the battlefield. By throwing large balls of imulsion that will hit you THROUGH cover, you’re going to be forced to move from cover to cover constantly as you shoot its glowing lambent shoulder. Be prepared to be shooting that shoulder for a long time though – it takes a full three direct Boomshot hits to take one down on Hardcore, and a lot more Lancer ammo than you’d ever expect without one. Forcing you to move makes it incredibly fun though, and fighting Gunkers alongside transformed Drudges and Lambent Drones proved to make for some thrilling gameplay – just don’t expect to have it easy.

We at GearsBlog hope to have some photo’s by tomorrow of the Gunker & check out GCON‘s Video below around the 1 minute mark to see the Gunker in action

CI2IMSON On August - 10 - 2011

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