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Gears Weekend

That’s Right folks its a crazy weekend for Gearheads this weekend, all sorts of stuff going on whether your coming online to gain 21x the XP in multiplayer matches/Horde. If thats not what your into GCON are running Community Night 4.1: Season Taster Session. Maybe neither of these appeal to you and you fancy some Gears of War Merchandise (*cough* Cole *cough* Plushies *cough* and more!). All you have to do is when Tweeting use the hashtag(#) “#GearsWeekend” and random winners will be selected regularly to win all sorts of prizes! You can also enter by commenting on the Gears of War Community page.

21x XP Gears of War 2 – 4th July Event

It’s nearly that time of year once again, thats right, The Fourth Of July… The day of the year which Americans love so much because they declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain way back in 1776. But the rest of the world love this day for one reason, there is once again another Fourth of July Gears Of War 2 XP Event!!!!

Details –

  • July 1st 9am EST/2PM UK – July 5th 9am EST/2PM UK
  • 4 x Hammer Of Dawn Ammo
  • 4 x Mortar Ammo
  • Tickers
  • Boomers
  • Flaming Bloodmounts
  • 21 x XP

GCON Season Taster Session

Gears Community Organised Nights celebrates a new Season! Halleluiah.. Praise the Lord! GCON is here for the next 12 weeks in the run up to the much anticipated release of Gears of War 3 on September 20th. They’ve announced all the companies that now sponsor the different GCON events, and for the next 12 weeks companies like Project TriForce, Microsoft Game Studios, Epic Games, GAEMS, Calibur11, Astro Gaming & more! They have also announced that they will be running Horde Mode lobbies with the normal Multiplayer lobbies to truely get your Gears fix!

Win Gears Swag!

You can join the hype & conversation  with the hashtag #GearsWeekend before, during and after the event. Epic Games will be randomly selecting tweets with that hashtag every Monday to win a prize, so why not enter and give your chance of winning some amazing swag!

Update 05/07/11: The Epic Games community has highlighted some of the events and moments from the #GearsWeekend from people playing Gears for the first time, gearheads getting their wings, GCON’s live stream, winning prizes or just enjoying playing with friends. Full information and highlights available from the “Gears Weekend: 21 x XP Recap” article. Thank you Epic Games!

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