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The developers at Epic Games are celebrating the PAX 2010 event in style by rewarding Gears of War players with 25x the normal XP. The action packed event will run for a total of 4 days from Sept 4th until Sept 8th(EST). The details of this event are listed below:

  • The event will run from Friday morning, Sept 4th till Tuesday morning, Sept 8th (Eastern time)
  • Double experience for all Horde games and Public multiplayer games
  • Winning team gets a 500 xp bonus in Public multiplayer
  • Public Horde will default to Hardcore difficulty instead of Normal
  • Horde will be infected with Sires, just like the Ticker attack of July 4th
  • Hardcore Horde (Public or Private) will receive an extra experience boost (essentially double Hardcore will be the same as double Insane)

Don’t miss your chance to Game with a Developer, this should start from approx 4PM-7PM(EST). Have fun Gear heads!


The developers at Epic Games have made “Torque Bow Tag” a reality, when playing Horde all Grenadier and Drone weapons are replaced with… Torque Bows. Amazing! Thank you Epic Games.

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